Traditional Burial and Cremation Services

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Funeral Home Cremation Services in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Losing someone you love is one of the most painful experiences anyone can have. When you need to make funeral arrangements, you want to make sure that the ceremony honors your loved one and celebrates their life. It’s important to take significant care in choosing a funeral home that can pay a powerful tribute to your loved one. 

Manke Memorial is a funeral home serving the families in Fair Lawn, New Jersey with compassion and care. You can rely on us to respect your loved one and provide professional and dignified services for the departed and to commemorate a life well lived.

Give the Departed a Dignified, Touching Farewell

In your time of grief, you may feel like taking care of funeral arrangements as quickly as possible. However, while this might feel like the right choice right now, celebrating a life well lived will provide lasting memories to help family and friends heal faster.

The last thing you want is to regret a quick decision in the future and feel like you did not honor your loved one as they deserved or in the right manner symbolically. Give your loved one the most dignified and touching funeral service and make sure that you and your family are able to grieve and heal after the ceremony. 

Funeral and Burial Services

At Manke Memorial, we understand the grief and difficult time that you and your family are going through. This is exactly why we take on the responsibility of making sure that all funeral and burial arrangements are taken care of with dignity, respect and love. 

We feel privileged to be able to assist you in commemorating your loved one’s life, and we will offer suggestions as to how you can achieve this in the most meaningful way. We have a wide range of dignified funeral and burial options available at Manke Memorial for you to choose from, and we are pleased to inform you that they are all available at affordable prices. 

Cremation Services

We do not only offer funeral and burial services at our funeral home but provide cremation services as well. Our cremation services are respectful of the deceased and handled by staff members who understand the importance of compassion and respect during this time. 

We realize that many families do not know what steps to take during the cremation process. We are here to provide you the assistance and support you need to help you with the arrangements that need to be made before a cremation. We will handle everything, from preparing necessary permits to obtaining cremation certificates. At Manke Memorial, we will also make arrangements to transport your loved one’s remains and provide you with a wide range of cremation urns to choose from. 

Give Your Loved One the Best Sendoff 

When you lose a loved one, you not only want to give them the most honorable and dignified goodbye. You also want to make sure that the burial or cremation ceremony is one that touches the hearts of everyone present. At Manke Memorial, serving the residents in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, we know exactly what you need during this difficult time and will make sure that your loved one is put to rest in a way that celebrates their life. For more information on our services, contact us at (973) 910-1554. 

The desire to honor the lives and accomplishments of those we love is nearly universal. At Manke Memorial our specialty is in our compassion and to help your family heal through a very difficult time.