Traditional Burial and Cremation Services

Hawthorne, New Jersey

Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Many families tend to discount the value of a ceremony after the death of a loved one. A funeral service or memorial is an important ceremony that helps you honor the loss and pay a final tribute to a loved one. It is a time when the family comes together after a loss to grieve, and share their sorrow and feelings with one another. Manke Memorial is a funeral home like no other. 

The staff at Manke Memorial understand the grief and anguish that you may be going through over losing someone special, and go an extra mile in helping you plan a meaningful funeral service to honor and celebrate their life.

Healing Experiences

While you are in deep grief over the sudden loss of a loved one, you may decide that it would be easier to take care of things as quickly and simply as possible. However, several months later you may regret your decision, but it will be too late to go back and do things differently. A meaningful funeral service gives you and your family an opportunity to grieve, heal, and give tribute to your loved one and also set the stage for future generations to commemorate the deceased. 

Funeral Home Services

A funeral service also gives you, and your family a chance to share memories, express emotions, and also find comforting support for one another. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation; or a formal funeral service or an informal memorial service, Manke Funeral home serving the families of Hawthorne, New Jersey, will help you create a unique and meaningful ceremony to express the accomplishments and individuality of your loved one.

Manke Memorial offers families of the deceased, a beautiful setting in which to come together to honor their loved one and pay tribute to a life well lived. Families may also choose to celebrate the life of their loved one in a setting of their choice. No matter where you decide to hold the service, Manke Funeral home, will help you customize a service that is sure to make a difference in the lives of each person who attends it. 

Unlike many other funeral homes that are in a hurry to wrap up the service and move on to the next, Manke Funeral home will help you in crafting and executing a funeral service befitting the life of your loved one. 

Cremation Services

Manke Memorial is the perfect choice for those dealing with the loss of a loved one in Hawthorne NJ and surrounding areas.  Our compassionate staff at the funeral home, will oversee all the planning details of the cremation so that you can focus on your family during your time of sorrow and bereavement. 

The staff will work hard for you in coordinating these activities, and preparing the necessary burial permits, statement of death, and coroner’s cremation certificate. The funeral home will also help in the transportation of the remains. The funeral director will personally help you choose from a wide catalogue of cremation urns Manke Funeral home has to offer.

Honor your loved one in a way that lets you go back and reminisce their life and funeral service years later. You will be glad that you did your best in honoring their passing after a glorious life. At Manke Memorial, we will help you craft a ceremony that brings together the hearts and minds of family and friends of the deceased.

Burial Services

When you choose traditional burial services, the ceremonies are meticulously detailed specific to your instructions or our experience will guide you and let you focus on family, and not worry about the process. The funeral director will help you choose the casket, flowers, and other elements of the service. 

You can open the door for a viewing followed by a funeral service in a church of your choice or the funeral home itself. The staff will patiently listen to your concerns, offer you suggestions, and help you arrive at a perfect way to congregate before your loved one’s interment in a cemetery of your choice.