Traditional Burial and Cremation Services

Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson Funeral Homes

Losing a loved one is a painful experience. It can leave you with mixed feelings and grief that makes planning events such as a funeral difficult to handle. 

This is why it is paramount that you choose a funeral home such as Manke Memorial, to hand hold you through the many things you must do in arranging a funeral service befitting your loved one. The team of dedicated professionals at Manke Memorial in Paterson, New Jersey, will assist you in customizing a funeral service of your choice. 

They will help you in making casket choices, funeral flowers, and even cremation if you choose to cremate your loved one. Manke Memorial, is one of the best funeral homes in New Jersey, and leaves no stone unturned in providing individualized funeral services that are designed to meet the traditions, budget, taste, and needs of each family. 

Funeral Services at Manke Memorial

Honoring Life

Honoring the many achievements of your loved one and celebrating the life they spent on this earth, is a great way to relive memories of a family member or close friend who has passed on. You can choose to create a memorial website with a repository of anecdotes, pictures, memories, videos, and a lot more to record and cherish the memories of your loved one.

Burial and Cremation Services

Whether you choose a traditional ceremony or something more contemporary, a funeral is a profound experience that also greatly aids in the grieving process. At a funeral you give testimony to the life of your loved one, with friends and family in a reflective setting.

Funeral Service

  • Viewing with family and friends gathering.
  • You can arrange the funeral at the funeral home, church or any other location of your liking.
  • Committal service and disposition of your loved one soon after the ceremony. You can choose between earth burial and cremation.  

Graveside Service

  • You can choose to have the ceremony at the site of the burial with the casket or cremation urn.
  • A reception may be planned soon after either at the funeral home or a setting of your choice. 

Memorial Service

For those who do not want an elaborate ceremony, this is a formal or informal way for the family to get together and cherish the memories of the deceased. This can be organized anywhere, and also in conjunction with other service options. 

Financial Factors

At Manke Funeral homes in in Paterson, New Jersey, you can customize the funeral service according to your traditions, culture, and budget. You can either select a burial or cremation based on your religious beliefs. There are several ideas and options that can be combined together to create a fitting tribute to honor and celebrate the life of your cherished family member.  

The funeral director will gladly take you through the general price list and customize it as per your needs. You may also pre-plan your funeral, with the help of the pre-planning advisors at Manke Memorial. This will give you peace of mind, and enormous relief to family and friends. To obtain a funeral cost estimate, contact Manke Memorial at (973) 910-1554.