Great Falls Park, 72 Mcbride Avenue
Paterson, New Jersey 07501

At 72 McBride Avenue in Paterson, New Jersey is one of the United States' largest waterfalls called Great Falls which is 77 feet high and 280 feet wide with two billion gallons of water being poured over the falls every day. There is no charge to enter the park of Great Falls and there is a bridge for you to stroll along and view the beautiful scenery. 

         Geologists say that Great Falls was formed during the last Ice Age, close to the last years of the 1700s, and was the early development of water power systems for industrial use and different types of manufacturing that occurred in the District's mills in the 20th century. Some of these manufactures included silk spinning, cotton fabrics and railroad locomotives. This was the first planned industrial center in the United States.

         Great Falls began when ice formed along the river, causing a disruption along its previous path causing it to run along a new route around the north end of the Watchung Mountains, which brought on the falls through the underlying basalt.

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         If you would like to take a tour through the park, there are paved and unpaved sections. Tours can be accessible with assistance. The tour route travels through Great Falls Historic District, which is managed by the city of Paterson NJ. This park has a welcome center with industrial heritage exhibits. All that running water might tell your body nature calls, but do not worry because there is a bathroom in the visitor's center. The water here freezes during most winters, even that is a sight to see. Great Falls might not be the best place to bring a young kid but feel free to bring your pet as long as they are on a leash.

         Great Falls still has many of the mills that symbolize Paterson and its' contributions to America's development and growth. This property is located only 12 minutes driving distance from also located in the City of Paterson NJ