A Night on the Town in Paterson, NJ

Whether you have had a busy week at work or spent a lot of time running around with children, or even if you are just in the mood to go out, relax and have a good time, Bonfire Mofongo House and Lounge is a great option.

          Bonfire Mofongo House and Lounge is located at 999 Market Street in Paterson, New Jersey where parties and many other events are hosted. Part of this place is a Caribbean restaurant and the other part is a night club. You can find people dancing to live music or coming for a drink or meal during happy hour. Bonfire is suitable for everyone with their wheelchair accessible entrance, elevator, bathroom, seating and parking lot. You must be at least nineteen years of age to enter the night club.
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          As for the food, Bonfire Mofongo serves appetizers that include shrimp in garlic sauce, fried calamari, crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms. Meals consist of pasta, seafood, chicken, veal and steaks and you might like to have a salad on the side, and everything remains under thirty dollars. Credit cards are accepted here. Of course you will need something to wash your meal down with, take your pick of coffee, soda, juice or alcohol. Reviews about this place say the food is excellent and so is the music and drinks. Outdoor seating is also available in case it is a beautiful day out and you would like to sit and enjoy your meal outside. Some people have different tastes than others or can be picky eaters, or have strong allergies to certain foods, so with this is in consideration, organic food is served here.

          Bonfire Mofongo House and Lounge was rated four and a half stars and operates Monday to Thursday from 1 PM to 12 AM and Friday to Sunday 1 PM to 3 AM. Take a trip and experience the environment for yourself if you like what you have just read in this article.