City of Paterson NJ

Paterson, New Jersey, also known as Silk City, was established in the 1790's and named after William Paterson who was a statesman, signer of the Constitution and Governor of New Jersey. William signed the charter that established the Town of Paterson. Alexander Hamilton, who was the first United States Secretary of Treasury, was also apart of the founding of Paterson, New Jersey. Hamilton founded the Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufacturers and this society played a big role in securing economic independence from British manufacturers. Paterson, New Jersey is located on the Passaic River and is the largest city in Passaic County with a population of about 147,000. So why do they call it Silk City? John Ryle produced the nation's first skein of silk in Paterson and in the late 1800's, silk production became the most dominant industry. If you like to experience all kinds of weather from the coldest winter with enough snow to keep you trapped in the house to the best beach day of the summer, then Paterson is just for you since Paterson's weather is up and down all through out the year.

          Some of America's greatest landmarks can be found in Paterson, which attract many tourists. These landmarks include the Lambert Castle, which is also known as Belle Vista, and Great Falls. Lambert Castle is a historical building that was built in 1892 and is full of art and local history. Great Falls is one of the United States' largest waterfalls, definitely a must see! Even Paterson City Hall is worth a trip, there are summer camps held there as well as weddings, cultural activities and a gift shop. Not only are there just historical landmarks, but Paterson, New Jersey also has a great source of entertainment such as the bowling alleys, bars, lounges and theaters with service for decent prices.

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          If I decide to move to Paterson, New Jersey, what can I expect as far as income? The average salary in Paterson is $42,798 a year. Not sure what field to participate in? Operations manager has one of the highest paid salaries of $65,000 while school teachers are not far behind with an average salary of between $51,000 and $56,000. Paterson's income tax is 5.53%. Here is something that might throw you off, employed men in Paterson have a higher income rate than employed women. Men make an average of $50,690 while women are only getting $37,962. How did that happen? Well unfortunately since the recession, the jobs that are more likely to hire women are the lower paying ones, while men are earning more money in the construction and manufacturing fields. Another reason for this wage gap is because women are usually only working part time so they can spend the rest of their time taking care of their families. Have no fear ladies because there are some benefits to working in Paterson. There is something called The Urban Enterprise Zone Program and any participating business can receive one hundred percent exemption for state sales tax for the purchase of most tangible property. Corporate tax credits are also available to employers as long as they hire from designated prospective employee pools. Since Paterson is so close to New York City, it is a top notch business location and was chosen as the right site for many companies that conduct business in the metropolitan New York area.