Nature and its Beauty in Paterson, NJ

          Are you someone who is into nature? Does the sound of a peaceful river keep you calm or the sight of beautiful blossomed flowers catch your eye? New Jersey has historical landmarks with beautiful scenery and stories behind them that might interest someone who has a love for nature.

          Morris Canal was built in the1800's to transport coal from anthracite mines in Pennsylvania to New Jersey. When the coal arrived at New Jersey it was used for fueling the iron industry. Later, the canal was used to transport other items such as lumber, whiskey, sand, limestone, and agricultural products. These one hundred seven-mile-long canals, originally 90 miles, travels from Phillipsburg, New Jersey to Jersey City, New Jersey. Professor James Renwick of Columbia College designed the Morris Canal. Original artifacts from the Morris Canal can be found in Waterloo Village. These artifacts include remains of an inclined plane and a guard lock.

          Goffle Brook Park at 794 Lafayette Avenue is a public, county park that was created in 1932. Passaic County Park and Recreation operate this park.This park is one hundred three acres and contains sports fields, a playground, picnic areas and a duck pond. Anyone is welcome to come every day and have a good time, perhaps you enjoy doing one of the following: fishing, sleigh riding, or running around the Dog Park, which is also known as the Dog Run, with your dog where they can run free. Maybe you are really into keeping up with fitness and that is great, Goffle Brook Park has a fitness course. A special needs playground is even installed here so any and everybody can have a good time.
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          Presby Memorial Iris Gardens is the largest non-commercial garden dedicated to irises in the world. These gardens were established in 1927 to honor Frank Presby who was a founding member of the American Iris Society. Frank Presby wanted to give a collection of his favorite flower, the iris, to Mountainside Park but passed away before he could do so.  The gardens were also created to teach about the care, history, and hybridization of irises to those who enjoy gardening. Presby Memorial Iris Gardens is open to the public, so if you love flowers then blooming season is probably the best time to visit which is usually from May 14th to June 4th. Street parking is available. Improvements and benefits are constantly being added to the Gardens, such as an installed sprinkler system, a dry creek bed and two bridges. Do not let the name of the place fool you because it is more than just iris flowers here, there are also Persian ironwood, purple smoke tree, Japanese lilac tree and many more. There are also picnic tables, so you can enjoy a meal here.